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Mah Jongg has been a big part of my life for 50 years and even though I tried to share my love of this game with my daughter, Jennifer, she always told me she had no interest.

About 3 years ago when she was visiting me in New York (she lives in Dallas now) we were sitting around, and she said she would give me one hour to show me what Mah Jongg was all about, as she loves games and competition.  I never believed that she would catch on so quickly and would want to continue learning.  She went home, bought a book to teach herself and practiced endlessly.

Three months later we went to her very first tournament. She had never played with other people and she did great, even playing in a mini tournament. At the end of the weekend, she got up in front of all these new people she had just met and thanked me for teaching her this wonderful game which brought tears to not just my eyes but most in the room.

And that was it!  Jenn was completely hooked. Since then, we have gone to dozens of tournaments around the country, which has given us more time together since we live so far apart. We laugh, eat, talk about how bad or good we are doing, but always with the thought of- when is our next one.  Not only does Jennifer play several times a week, but she also owns an automatic Mah Jongg table!

And that brings us to the present.

Even though Covid has not allowed us to see each other, we talk every day and play online every day and always discuss our dreams for the future.  Well, that’s when fate stepped in.  Not just one amazing tournament leader but 2 had decided to cut back on running their tournaments around the country. So, Jennifer and I talked about going into the business of running tournaments with the guidance and advice we took from Joanne Bourne, who owned Four Seasons. Then we started talking frequently with Gladys Grad of Mah Jongg Madness.  These two remarkable advisors have been invaluable in their knowledge. We applaud them for their kindness, respect and professionalism as well as the way that they hosted their tournaments.

So, with that said, we are asking our fellow players to join us on our new journey- meeting up with old friends, becoming acquainted with new ones, visiting some amazing cities, and enjoying playing Mah Jongg tournaments again.

In a few weeks we will be posting our calendar for the end of 2021 and all of 2022, with some familiar venues and some incredible new ones. We are also adding some exciting ways to increase your ability to win Ca$h Prizes and have contacted some fabulous vendors too.

In addition, we will be hosting virtual tournaments on Mah Jongg Time which is a wonderful platform to play on as it is the truest form of interactive play on the web. This site also enables us to rotate tables, formulate your scores immediately with no delay, and pay out great Ca$h Prizes.

That brings us to the new beginning of the Story of Us.  Please allow us to become part of your lives and listen to the Story of You.

Love and Jokers to All,

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